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Thanks a lot for posting this! In my list doesn’t present my z Lexmark z on Ubuntu 8. Extracted to desktop folder manually. Now simply set up your printer using the new z driver. I’m using Edgy rather than Breezy. Error is not recoverable:

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This adds Z V1. Terminal still returns file does not exist.

I am using an X and I can’t seem to get it to work for me. I restarted cups again, rebooted, and still no driver viewable. I pushed the paperfeed button, and the blinking stopped, but the paper still doesn’t come out.

Child returned status 2 tar: Error is not recoverable: Just to be more precise: Your ,exmark should be turned on, you’d find the Lexmark printer there, choose, and click on the forward 6.

I have my Z working fine like this, so I don’t think that’s the problem. Anyone have any Z6055 It did something small at the end Dependencies: Im sure this is a noob problem with a usb port, but I dont know how to fix it.

New Drivers  F5D8053 V3 DRIVER

HOWTO: Lexmark z (and possibly other series) [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

When testing the backend executing z55I got no output at all, but the printer still seems to work just fine. No such file or directory”. Printed a test OK. Works fine on hardy with my Z – thanks!

I don’t have a lexmark to test this, but I think location should be something like z The printer is detected though in printers, just nothing prints. Anyone came into this problem?

Okay, going through this list of commands I get: How do I get apt-get to ignore the package? Preety please with sugar on top Lexmark z and possibly other series.

Lexmark Z Specs – CNET

Lexmar a basic understanding http: Crap, and I just bought toner. Just tried this method on my Kubuntu Dapper When I change the uri to z Used the instructions but with the z35 drivers.

How do I test that the printer failed and why? However, Apt-Get is now halting every time I try to run it giving an error that it can’t find a repository for the ZCups package. I have lexmark z and ubuntu 5.


So this issue has been floating around here for 8 years and no one has just posted a driver? I have tried lsxmark z Ok, I have the same problem.

I had no problem installing the driver an my printer works fine.