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Setup loaded some files, then asked the F6 question. Or would there be problems installing win98se on a sata hard drive or using sata optical drive for the cd? Can my mb be bad? I have installed the SATA raid drivers during the windows xp installation by pressing F6 etc, however when I finish the installation it is still saying that I have no hard drives installed. So I bought my computer parts on newgg. Sata should work in win98se, right? Press [Tab] to enter setup, then delete all of the existing arrays.

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Cool…where do you get your parts? BB code is on. I wasn’t sure if I found the right option in bios, but I went and took a look. Thanks for the info!

The rest I’ll have to continue playing with. Joined Jun 19, Messages 1, SOrry I cant be more help. Tue Nov 02, Joined Mar 26, Messages We recommend using the latest available drivers when configuring your RAID controller.

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BombThePeer Banned May 19, I really appreciate everyone’s help on this!

If an Auto setting is used with 4 dimms the board tries to set 1T and single channel memory at a lower memory speed. Seriously, more should be done by gimps at Microsellouts to enable easier installations.

installing SATA drive to ASUS A8V Deluxe

Perhaps, the firmware of the SATA Controller of the motherboard does not support the capacity of the new drive and might need updating. I do everything from pacman to video editing to hosting a temporary games server on my pc and have never needed more than 1 gig.

Read in conjunction with section 5. When I first read section 5. Joined Jun 27, Messages 3, I’d swap it out in someone elses computer, but I don’t know of anyone else here in Riyadh that has one. I tried to connect it, and I was able to boot in to windows.

Can my mb be bad? If I left them at the default, the system would rarely even post If you copy the wrong drive, you will lose your saha I disconnected all other hard drives. If I use either Promise port with Raid enabled, the systems searches for a long time, then says it can’t find anything.

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Joined Apr 24, Messages 3, This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. I have a WD deeluxe gig 10, rpm sata hard drive. I’ve tried swapping out the power and data cables on the drive, still nothing. Thank you for the awsome article!

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Discussion about old PC hardware. Search this Thread Advanced Search. I think I have the solution however, and will be trying it tonight. I am going insane. If you miss this, you will be warned that there are no hard drives attached.